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Kids Drum Sets – Reviews & Prices Of The Top 4 Kids Drum Kits!


With so many kids drum sets now on the market, it’s hard to work out what’s good and what’s not.
We’ve compiled a list of the best four junior kits available.

Beginning with our number 1 kids drum set – The Ludwig Junior Drum Set:

Name: Ludwig Junior Drum Set
Suitable for: Kids/Youths
Rating: Picture of top rating on kids drum sets

Recent buyers of the Ludwig LJR1081DIR drum set for kids have given excellent reviews – describing the kit as it looking, feeling, and sounding like the real thing with an incredible high quality and durability that you’d usually only expect in adult kits.

The kit comes with everything your child needs including a seat, cymbals, stands, pedals and of course all the drums!

Ludwig Junior Drum SetBuy now on Amazon

Invest in your children’s drumming enthusiasm and give them the tools they need to become a professional drummer. Visit the Ludwig LJR1081DIR at

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When shopping around for a drum set for kids, you will find many sets in a wide price range. Some less expensive kids drum sets lack the quality and durability that is necessary to withstand the abuse of smaller children.

Purchasing a quality and durable youth drum set will allow your child to not only explore his or her musical talents but will also ensure that he or she will have a drum set that will last even with heavy use.

Highly Recommended Kids Drum Sets

Ludwig Junior Drum Set Review – Full review of our recommended kids drum set.
Rating: Picture of top rating on kids drum sets

Kids Drum Sets - Winning Drum SetWho Are Ludwig?
Ludwig are a manufacturer of drums that have produced a number of high quality professional drum sets over the last ninety years. Ludwig drums have been a favourite among some of the world’s best drummers because of their high standard for quality.

They have taken their high standard for quality and produced kids drum set that are not only built to last but to produce a high quality sound that lower quality manufacturers lack. Your child will be excited that he or she has a youth drum set exactly like his or her favorite drummer.

Ludwig Junior Drum Set Review - Find Out More...
What does this drum kit come with?
This kid drum set comes with almost everything your child needs to begin learning and becoming proficient in playing the drums. To get your child started this drum set for kids comes with a 16×10 inch bass drum, a 4×12 inch snare drum, an 8×5 inch tom, a 10×5 inch tom, and a 13×10 inch floor tom with legs. Also included is a mini high hat and mini cymbals. All the necessary hardware such as the bass drum pedal, high hat stand, snare stand, and cymbal stand, tom arms, and throne are also included.

What have previous customers said
The Ludwig LJR1081DIR has received great product reviews from consumers who have recently purchased this particular kids drum set. Some have described it as a drum set that looks, feels, and sounds like the real thing. Others appreciate the high quality and durability of the drum heads and hardware. All seem to be more than satisfied with the quality of the drum sets as compared to the price. All in all consumers find this to be a great buy for a durable and quality sounding drum set.

As your child grows and delves deeper into his or her passion for drumming, you can upgrade this drum set to get even better sound quality. You can purchase things such as higher quality heads for the drums or larger cymbals or high hat. This will allow the drum set to grow with your child until the time comes that he or she is old enough for a larger set.

Okay sounds great! Where can I buy this kit?
You can find this kids drum set and accessories all on If you buy now you can take advantage of the tremendous thirty-five percent discount as well as get fast reliable shipping.

Ludwig Junior Drum Set - Buy on Amazon       Visit on Amazon - Ludwig Junior Drum Set

Other Kids Drum Sets

DDrum D1 JR Review
Rating: Four star rating

Other manufacturers such as “ddrum” also produce quality kids drum sets. The ddrum D1 Jr is another five piece drum set that will satisfy the little drummer in your family. It comes with a 10x 16 inch bass drum, a 5×10 inch rack tom, a 5×8 inch rack tom, a 10×13 inch floor tom and a 4×12 inch snare drum.

It also comes with a full hardware pack that includes mini cymbal, mini high hat, bass drum pedal, tom arms, and throne.

You can find this model on as well and receive great savings, customer service, and reliable shipping.    Click for the best price...

Ddrum D1 JR Review   Buy now on Amazon

GP Percussion GP50MPK Review
Rating:Four star rating
If you do not want to purchase the larger five piece set either because your budget will not allow or you are not sure how interested your child will be in drumming, then the GP Percussion GP50MPK is a good choice.

This three piece kids drum set includes a 16×11 inch bass drum, a 10×5 inch snare drum with stand, and one 10×6 inch rack tom with holder.

It also includes a 10 inch cymbal, junior hi-hat cymbal with stand, bass drum pedal, throne, and drum sticks. It has everything your child needs to start drumming and also available on   Click for the best price...
GP GP50MPK Review   Buy now on Amazon

DE Rosa DRM312 Review
Rating:Four star rating
Another three piece kids drum set that is recommended is the De Rosa DRM312-BU.  This model uses real drum specifications and uses authentic and durable metal hardware.

The set includes a 12 inch bass drum, an 8 inch tom with holder, a 10 inch snare with holder, and an 8 inch cymbal with holder.

Also included with this set are a bass drum pedal, junior drum throne, and drumsticks.

This set is a good choice for the beginner drummer and is expandable with additional accessories such as a high hat or additional toms which are all available on  Click for the best price...
DE Rosa DRM312 Review   Buy now on Amazon


Hopefully now you have a much better idea when it comes to buying kids drum sets! If you have any questions let us know – fill in the comment box below or visit our contact page.

Kids Drum Sets – FAQ


Q. Are kids drum sets miniature versions of adult kits?

A. Yes and no! Some of the higher quality youth drum sets are merely miniature versions of professional quality drum sets making them a great choice. However many excellent kids drum kits are designed from scratch for children.

Q. Do you recommend a three or five piece kit?

A. It is recommended that you begin with a five piece drum set for kids, since this will give your child the basic equipment needed to begin with without inhabiting them from learning proper beats and fills.

Additional pieces can be purchased as your child advances and becomes more interested in playing the drums. The Ludwig LJR1081DIR is a five piece drum set for kids that is highly recommended.

Q. Where can I get my child drum lesson?
A. We currently recommend Drumeo – they provide five live drum lessons each week, alongside a huge archive of downloadable drum lessons (you can even download and watch them on a mobile device!) you can read a full review at Drumeo Review.

Q. What’s the difference between a cheap and expensive kids drum set – is it worth it?

A. When your child shows an interest in playing drums at a young age, you want to everything you can to nurture that interest. By purchasing a drum set you will give your child the opportunity to learn to play the drums at an early age and improve his or her talent with practice.

Quality and durability in kids drum sets often comes with a higher price tag but in the end the reliability of the drum set will far outweigh the cost.

Invest in your children’s drumming enthusiasm and give them the tools they need to become a professional drummer.

Visit today to see the Ludwig LJR1081DIR as well as other recommended kids drum sets today and save money with their discounted deals.


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